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3m Black Cisco RS449 Cable LFH60 Male to DB37 Female DCE image

3m Black Cisco RS449 Cable LFH60 Male to DB37 Female DCE - by BestPriceCables

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3m Black Cisco RS-449 Cable, LFH60 Male to DB37 Female Connectors, DCE

This black, 3-meter (10ft) Cisco RS449 cable is ready to make easy work of communicating between your computer and a piece of telecommunications equipment. Also known as rollover cables, Cisco cables are a type of null-modem connector used for either connecting between a computer and a peripheral device, or between a computer and a modem. When using the nomenclature appropriate to rollover cables, computers and computer peripherals such as printers, fax machines, and terminals are referred to as Data Terminal Equipment (DTE). Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE) serves a different function than DTE. DCEs are typically modems whose main function is signal encoding. This particular cable is designed for carrying data between DCEs. The cable is specifically designed for connecting between a piece of telecommunications carrier equipment and an end user device through the RS-449 interface standard. The cable terminates one end in an LFH60 (Low Force Helix 60-pin) Male plug and on the other end in a DB37 (D-subminiature 37-pin) female jack. For an invaluable addition to your communications infrastructure, look no further than this black-colored, 3-meter Cisco RS449 DCE cable with LFH60 male to DB37 female connectors.


Cisco RS449 CableLFH60 Male-to-DB37 Female ConnectorsDCEUsed for connecting end user devices to RS-449 communications equipment Black color3-meter lengthPart Number: BPC0-CAB449FC3M