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D-Link ADSL2/2+ Modem/Wireless Router image

D-Link ADSL2/2+ Modem/Wireless Router - by D-Link

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Condition: New
Model #: DSL-2640B
Product #: 0790069298288
MPN #: DSL-2640B

The DSL-2640B supports the latest ADSL2/2+ standards to provide higher performance and longer reach from your Internet Service Providers (ISP) Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM). With the DSL-2640B, you can create a wireless network to connect 802.11g/802.11b devices as well as a wired network to connect up to four 10/100 Ethernet devices. Share your high-speed DSL Internet connection, photos, music, videos, printers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) with multiple users. Plus, the DSL-2640B includes a built-in QoS engine that helps prioritize Internet traffic to enable smooth Internet phone calls (VoIP) and lag-free online gaming. This device also includes Dual Active Firewalls (SPI and NAT) to help protect your network from potential attacks from across the Internet.