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U-90e 56kbps Data Fax Modem image

U-90e 56kbps Data Fax Modem - by ZyXel

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Model #: AM069000
Product #: 0760559105723
MPN #: AM069000

If you want to buy a professional V.90 Data/FAX Modem, then choose the U-90E. This modem provides reliable transmission quality to ensure on line data transfer for corporate subscriber leased lines. The U-90E supports ITU V.90 protocol with the highest speed of 56Kbps and supports most international standards. With up to 33.6Kbps synchronous data speed, the modem can be used in any corporates' mission critical data transfer. With up to 56K data and 14.4Kbps fax speed, this modem is compatible with all existing modem and fax standards. The U-90E uses ZyXEL unique fall-back and fallforward technology assuring that you will always connect at the highest speed. Flash EPROM provides easy access to new features, and also easily updates new firmware.